How do you grow customer loyalty? Prevent disloyalty.


Every loyalty program strives to delight customers.

Yet, research shows that customer delight yields diminishing returns. The real value lies in creating a frictionless customer experience.

Make it easy, make it effortless.

Four Drivers

4 Drivers of Lasting Loyalty

Building lasting customer relationships requires a new kind of engagement. It is characterised by reduced complexity, more relevance, and greater ease and accessibility.

01. Digital enablement

Ensure continued relevance, higher recognition & repeat purchase.

Loyalty marketers that enable digital payments, contactless transactions, mobile wallets and crypto currency stand to gain by leveraging these touchpoints. They can track customer behaviour and tailor interactions – whether in sales, service or support.
02. Effortless interactions

Highly interactive platforms

Leading loyalty programs have evolved into highly interactive, intuitive and easy-to-use platforms with a personalised brand experience. From a quick and easy signup process to support interactions that enable immediate self-help and reduced contacts to resolution. The more frictionless the program, the more preferred it will be.
03. Meaningful rewards

Say no to meaningless rewards

Loyalty marketers that show a genuine interest in providing members with value-based benefits and relevant rewards will earn long-lasting loyalty. Beyond rewarding transactions, programs that provide bonus value to members through smart reward partner selection invariably forge deeper relationships.
04. Exceptional customer service

An integral part of the loyalty experience

Customer service is essential for building enduring customer relationships. An often-overlooked feature of effective customer service is customer feedback. Omnichannel customer engagement is a reality and loyalty marketers who fail to follow-up on feedback with immediacy, empathy and complete resolution, risk losing customers for life.

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