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The most effective way to reward performance.

Personal, meaningful, memorable, loved.

Our end-to-end, global reward platform powers employee, sales channel, and customer engagement programs with the kind of rewards that connect with your customers.


super personalised

Leveraging off AI to create unique experiences.

Using machine learning, our cloud-based platform builds reward selections around individual preferences. A smart user experience and customisable interface makes for big-brand impact and results in higher redemption rates.



We deliver in 185 countries

Looking to scale your program? We offer a choice of over 800 thousand merchandise rewards, featuring the world’s best-loved brands, as well as a complete suite of digital rewards, from online cards and retail vouchers to event tickets, airtime and travel. Plus, our platform is simple, easy and safe to set up and manage.

Your global reward partner

With the right rewards, you can engage, motivate and change people’s behaviour. That’s why you need a reward partner with the widest range and reach.

01. awardscard®

Pick the one that works for your program.

From pre-paid virtual cards for online spend, to physical cards with adjustable spend limits, our awardscard® range is available in multiple currencies, and securely backed by Visa and MasterCard.

02. Digital Vouchers

For the mobile-first future

From airtime and data to in-store shopping and unforgettable experiences, vouchers are the ideal way to reward with instant gratification. And with a range as vast as ours, there’s something for everyone.

03. Experiences

People love them more than things

Experience rewards create positive memories that people associate with your brand forever after. Our experience rewards span the worlds of nature, sports, adventure, hobbies, skills and learning, and romance. What’s not to love?

04. Incentive Travel

It tops everyone’s wishlist

Our IATA-accredited incentive travel experts have travelled the world to bring you the best travel destinations and deals. Every trip is planned and executed to perfection. Just what your top performers deserve.

05. Reward Cloud

Reward cloud is here

Your reward experience is every bit as important as the rewards you offer. Our platform has over 800 thousand rewards and an enhanced user experience.


guide to rewards

Want to know more about how to use rewards to build enduring relationships?

Our useful guide can help you to optimise your reward strategy for success.


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24/7 customer support.

Our AI-supported customer service means that every order escalation is resolved within one working day. Real-time resolution: We got this.

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