How tech drives big performance in small-scale rewards programs

You don’t need to be a mega-brand with a colossal budget to run an effective rewards program. Leverage the latest technology to deliver a digital rewards program scaled to your needs and personalised for your people.

Tech innovation in the rewards space over the past few years has opened whole new world of opportunities for companies running smallscale or short-term reward programs. A happy convergence of tech, trends and circumstances have driven preference and provided easy ways to offer personal, portable, digital rewards. 

The year the world went digital

Payment apps, digital vouchers, online shopping and other virtual activities were nothing new in 2020 when global lockdown hit. But circumstances accelerated adoption and almost everyone fell just a little bit in love with all things digital. Including digital rewards.  

Technology has become downright status quo in our personal and professional lives. And for many people, the speed and ease of online shopping and delivery is far preferable to the in-store experience. Convenience aside, most of the world is still following pandemic protocols and digital transactions suit the low-contact lifestyle.  

So while you’re waiting for the all-clear to run your next in-store product promotion, show your customers some love right now with virtual events and digital vouchers.   

Do you want to secure bottom-line performance from your sales channel? Digital rewards are fast, flexible and ultra-personal. 

Are you running an in-house incentive rewards program? Maybe it’s time to rethink those merchandise rewards – along with the hassle of procurement and the challenges of fulfilment – and go digital. There’s very little a person can’t buy with a digital voucher 

Tech levels the playing field

Big rewards program owners are in a class of their own when it comes to purchasing power and economies of scale; and their rewards offering reflects this. For sheer variety of merchandise categories and range of digital rewards, they’ve definitely got the edge over smaller programs.   

Plus, big companies have the resources to either provide or outsource the logistics, administration and follow-up reporting that comprise the real nuts and bolts of a rewards program.  

The good news for small scale rewards operators is that tech advancements, along with a popular move to digital rewards, has substantially levelled the playing field. Now, you don’t need to be a megabrand to run an efficient, effective rewards program. 

The power is in your hands

There are any number of apps on the market that let small companies offer rewards with big company flavour, send motivational messages, survey customers, motivate sales people, and more.  But there are limits.  

So how about a piece of technology that lets different apps work together. Think of the possibilities.  

AAGroup has a voucher management solution that gives users easy access to a range of vouchers from more than 51 retailers through a single interface. That’s already a great start to creating a powerful rewards program, but you also get end-to-end operations and logistics management capabilities, as well as aftersales support.   

Now that’s how technology lets you run a small rewards program that performs like a big one.  

Small program, big performance

As technology continues to shape the way we work, play, shop and conduct our everyday lives, digital rewards are set to become increasingly relevant and desirable. And now, easily accessible for use in any rewards program that’s designed for big performance results.  

Get in touch to talk about how we can help you leverage tech to get big program performance from your consumer product promotion, local sales incentive or workforce rewards program.

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